Welcome to my homepage. This is a site dedicated to my portfolio.
Here you'll see a display of my works and creations in varoius mediums of art.
View the external links under navigation to learn more about me.


Thank you so much for your time 🤍


5/15/24 -
updated about me, 'Welcome visitor #' still broken... Updated art gallery...

2/23/24 -
updated info, art, about me, journal, lots of things! its mobile friendly too!

11/30/23 -
revamped entire site layout, much cleaner looks.

11/14/23 -
art gallery being really frustrating with me... I'll figure something out later

11/12/23 -
almost done my art gallery page. finished setting up the journal though

10/19/23 -
finished about me subpage

9/24/23 -
still working on website

8/13/23 -
worked on website

8/2/23 -
learned about flex and premade layout designs on neocities

7/23/23 -
went to NYC, got busy

7/11/23 -
learning HTML on dreamweaver with the help of chatgpt and old forums

06/23/23 -
created site

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